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Copywriting and Editing

“We leveraged our corporate synergies to build a worldwide green initiative … “
ARGGHH!! So many words, so little meaning. Life is too short.

Web sites aren’t meant to bore people into submission. If your customers can’t be bothered to read all those pages on your web site mired with meaningless buzz words, dry information and me-centered talk, try again. If you don’t get inspired by it, how can you expect your customers to react to it? Take a step back, into that big comfy chair over there, and get a disobedient robot to help give you some words worth remembering.


Bring your web site text to life with clean and simple descriptions your customers can relate to.

Content creation

If you want to say something more substantial, opt for some creative content, including blogs and articles.

Brand text and tag-lines

Iconic text and modern-day poetry.

Editing, Copyediting and Proofreading

We’ll take your text and make it crisp and clean, spruce it up, or if you need, give it a native English-speaker’s charm.


To give some examples of our writing and editing services, we can help you with:

  • Writing and editing press releases
  • Writing and editing blogs and articles
  • Native English editing of your university paper or graduate thesis
  • Structural editing of long-form writing like ebooks

…and more! Give us your challenge, and we’ll tell you our ideas. We love playing with words.

Clients include:



Curious to learn more about the robots? Just get in touch.
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