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Content Strategy

Kevin Costner was wrong: Just because you build it, doesn’t mean that they will come.

There are too many internets nowadays. It’s near impossible to make your way through the dross. So, how can you distinguish your site from the rest? Or even, keep people’s attention longer than 2 seconds?

When building a web site, it’s natural to think about all the information that we want to put onto the site—the message we want to push onto the masses—and yet, as a viewer, of course we don’t care about the web site’s agenda, we only care about our own.

A compelling web site isn’t just a mass of information for your users to download… it’s a story.

Whether you’re building a brand new web site, or re-thinking the web site that you do have, we’ll take a step back together and look at the bigger picture: What do you have to say, really? Then, in practical terms, we’ll take a look at the ways that you can best communicate that idea, through images, text, and multimedia.

Clients include:


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