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Web Development

Well, the internet isn’t just going to make itself, is it? At least not until the robotic uprising. For now, get yourself a disobedient robot to help build your web site.

Never done this before? Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle. We specialize in helping small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs who need a web presence but aren’t necessarily sure how to go about it.

Web development from the ground up

You know you need a web site. Well, probably. People keep telling you that you need a web site, but you’re not really sure where to get started. Never fear! We’ll brainstorm with you about your digital goals, wade with you through the bottomless ocean of current technologies, and design a solution based on what you actually need.

Whether you need a simple ‘brochure’ site so that your customers can find you, a web shop, a blog with lots of content, or any combination thereof, we’ll develop your site using customizable template tools so that your web site looks like and does exactly what you expect from it.

A fresh coat of paint on your web site

Maybe you already have a web site, it’s just looking a little last season. We can take a look at your existing site, and make recommendations to improve its impact.

A website you can maintain yourself

If you want a website that you can actually manage and update yourself, no problem. We want to get you up and running so that you don’t even need us. We’ll work with known Content Management Systems (like WordPress) to create a web site solution for you that’s friendly and easy to use.


Don’t have your product specs ready yet? That’s ok, you might also consider bring in a functional analyst to make sure your website is built right.

To give some examples of our web development services, we can help you with:

  • Customizations of template products like OpenCart and WordPress
  • Web development from scratch
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Design and layout
  • Information architecture (i.e. making sure that everything is put in the right place so your clients can find it)
  • Functional testing (to make sure it actually works)
  • Project coordination and project management
  • Requirements management and functional analysis

…and more! Give us your challenge, and we’ll tell you our ideas. We write our love letters in HTML.

Clients include:


Curious to learn more about the robots? Just get in touch.
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